opera opera opera opera opera

When we were invited to take part in the summer exhibition at the National Opera de Bordeaux "Plus que parfaits... Corps augmentés en scene", our response was to offer a unique experience; enabling the body to take form through sound. Located on the first floor of the Opera house, "Sound Shower" is an installation in direct relation with the physical presence of the viewer. Suspended six meters high, thirty two lampshade frames fill the space. Both sleek and rectilinear; they emphasise the verticality imposed by columns and match the geometric patterns arranged on the floor. Each "lampshade" is based on an identical digital sketch, and produces a rhythmic modulation. Sound output varies depending on the number of people, and the distance between the bodies. Any movement passing directly below one of the lampshades creates an audio frequency; the sound instantly modelling the space and its dimension. This installation offers an unusual spatial sound experience; physically increasing the presence of the visitor and their passage. The body becomes an instrument in this building marked by centuries of sounds.